Citroën Charleston  - 1988 - France

Basic Front Wheel Drive...With Flair

Citroën - 2CV

Production Years: 1981-1990
Country: France
Number Produced: Unknown

Legend has it that the design goals of the Citroen 2CV included:

  • Carry four farmers and 50kg (110 lb) of farm goods at 50 kmlhr (31 mph)
  • Travel 100 km on 3 L of gasoline (78 mpg)
  • Carry eggs unbroken across a plowed field.
  • Its introduction, originally scheduled for the October, 1939, Paris Auto Show, was delayed when France declared war on Germany on September 3rd. The design was re-worked after the war, but economic and political influences delayed its debut until 1948.

    Many variants were produced over its 42-year production (the last two years in Portugal), including pickups and vans, and up-scale trim versions. In addition to France and Portugal, 2CV's were built in England, Chile, Argentina, and Iran. Including all variants, over 8.8 million 2cCVs were produced.

    The Charleston, planned as a limited edition in 1981, became so popular that it became a production model. In addition to the two-tone paint, the interior and instrumentation were upgraded.