DKW Meister Klasse - 1939 - Germany

Simple Elegance from Auto Union

DKW - Meister Klasse

Production Years: 1931-1940
Country: Germany
Number Produced: 100,038

This car was exported to the United States before the war and is very close to original. The odometer registers low mileage. The Meisterklasse was slightly more expensive than the Reichklasse. The lightweight wooden body was inexpensive to manufacture.

The F8 was available as a sedan (such as our car), or as a cabriolet limousine. The cars with steel bodies were for export only. The CV joints were first made by made by Tracta, but DKW began manufacturing their own CV joints to avoid paying licensing fees to a foreign country. It had become very difficult for J.A. Gregoire to collect royalties from DKW or Adler.

Some DKWs had a unique, classy body, and they were nicknamed the "Small Horch" after the expensive cars made by another branch of the Auto Union Group.