Stoewer V8 Greif - 1934 - Germany

Fine Craftsmanship Coupled With An Aluminum V8 Engine

Stoewer - V8 Greif

Production Years: 1934
Country: Germany
Number Produced: Unknown

The Stoewer car company was located in Stettin, Germany. The city was renamed Szczesin and is now part of Poland.

During the 1930s, Stoewer was one of four German automobile companies involved in the development of front wheel drive cars. The 1934 Stoewer Greif (which translates to “Griffon”) features an aluminum V8 engine block. Only four Greifs survived and this is the only one with the aluminum engine. This automobile was restored in Germany.

The attention to detail in the manufacturing of this car is impeccable, comparing favorably to Rolls Royce offerings of the same era.