Tatra T75 - 1937 - Czechoslovakia

Front Engine

Tatra - T75

Production Years: 1934-1939
Country: Czechoslovakia
Number Produced: 4,000

In 1921, Hans Ledwinka was hired by Tatra, and he designed a brand new automobile, the T 11, which was introduced at Prague’s Autosalon in 1923.

It was a revolution. The engine was a flat air-cooled two cylinder with 1056 cc. A backbone or heavy tube connected the front of the car with the drive train. The rear wheels were on swinging axles. There were 10,000 T 11s and T 12s manufactured in a period of eight years.

The T 75 is the last automobile built on this design. The production in the years to come will switch to rear engines, but keeping the same basic idea for the body and the suspension. The backbone and swing axles, the trade mark of Tatra, is still used for the large trucks made today. In 1934, the engine changed to an air-cooled four cylinder, with a capacity of 1688 cc. 4000 T 75 will be made, the last ones being delivered in 1939.